Within the Essex area I will go out to collect injured badgers, and ensure that their injuries are professionally treated.

Then after what hopefully will be a full recovery each badger can be released back where found.

I do regular sett surveying and monitoring, to ensure that the setts have not been interferred with. Also this helps to keep my records up to date.

I advise on the welfare and protection of badgers. I also help the public with any badger-related problems. I work with the various local authorities, and check planning applications where there are badger-related issues.

Moreover, I liaise with the police over wildlife crimes.

Badger Talks

The following talks, with a Powerpoint presentation, are available for schools, clubs, public meetings etc:

  • OUR MOST ANCIENT BRITON – The ecology of the badger.
  • BADGERS AND THE BADGER MAN – Based on my experiences with badgers.
  • A NEW BEGINNING – The building of an artificial sett for six orphaned badger cubs.

Other talks also available to suit your group.